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February 2019

Historical Novel Society - Review 

“King twists in romance, mystery, cultural richness, and some zesty research. Scappi’s secrets are unveiled at a pace that simmers with intrigue…Mixed together with decadent banquets and sweeping historical detail, King has a recipe that entices the senses…Giovanni’s world is vibrant in both visual and flavorful detail.”

It’s All About the Book- Author Spotlight

Brooklyn Digest - Review 

The Chef’s Secret is a trip back to one of the most compelling times in history, complete with a story wrapped in a mystery.

Write On Cindy - Review

"THE CHEF’S SECRET has been compared in scope and complexity to Dan Brown’s bestsellers. I for one, think it’s much better, certainly more delicious."

Library of Clean Reads - Review

Women Writers, Women’s Books - Recommended Reads 

Historical Novel Society -Exploring Food as the “Great Connector” in The Chef’s Secret by Crystal King

Book Ramblings - Review 

Historical - Review

Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Butternut Squash Tourte (The Chef's Secret)

Long and Short Reviews - Guest Blog Post

Liz & Lisa - Best Books of the Month: February 

Book Riot - All the Books 

Blog Talk Radio - Conversations Live Radio with Cyrus Webb 

Beth Fish Reads - Today's Read 

"ripe with period details, individuals from history, and lots of social and political intrigue."

Jorie Loves a Story - Review 

Jean Book Nerd 

Luca’s Italy Blog - Review 

Book Fan - Review

Novel Meals - Review 

Writer’s Bone - 17 Books That Should Be On Your Radar: February 2019

Chocolate Lady’s Book Reviews - Review 

"This novel is going to be a huge hit with historical fiction lovers, especially those who like culinary and
biographical fiction thrown into the recipe."

Linda’s Book Obsession - Review

Weird History Podcast - Interview 

Fiction Addiction Blog - Review

"You’ll need a snack, or five, while you read this" and "a solid page-turner, with warm and believable characters."

Hasty Book List - Five Books Coming Out in February

January 2019

BookBub - 30 of the Best Historical Fiction Novels Coming in 2019

"King's newest has been called "a delight for the senses" and we're in full agreement with that high praise!"

Booklist - Review (print only...see copy here)

“With adventure, engaging characters, and an absorbing mystery, King expertly blends fact with fiction, intrigue, and a powerful love story. Well written and perfectly paced, The Chef's Secret is a fascinating immersion into sixteenth-century Italian life, an introduction to the world's first celebrity chef, and a reminder of the power of food to influence a civilization.”

December 2018

Authorlink Readers & Writers Magazine - Review

"Read it for the fiction and intrigue, but stay for the food."

May 2018

La Historia En Mis Libros - Entrevista a Crystal King, Autora de «EL BANQUETE DE LOS PLACERES» (Spain)

The Nibble - FOOD FUN: 400 Food Histories

April 2018

Tavola Mediterranea - Pear Patina (recipe)

pear patina
Tavola Mediterranea - Vatia's Fig-Stuffed Piglets (recipe)


February 2018

Cook the Books Book Club Recipe round up including feasts by:

January 2018

CBC Books - 95 must-read books from 2017

December 2017

Food 52 - Excerpt from my article Let Them Eat (Honey) Cake in Eaten magazine

September 2017

The Green Man Review - Review

"Feast of Sorrow has a level of intrigue worthy of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and’s spellbinding."

Cindy Rosel - Thoughts on This 'n That - Review

"The historical characters are written with such detail, you get to know them intimately. The elaborate  descriptions of food, including the historical significance can not be highlighted enough."

August 2017

Sante Magazine - A Taste of Ancient Rome at Benedetto

Milk Street Radio - Interview 

The Protagonist Speaks - Thrasius in Feast of Sorrow

Food in Books -  Review

"Foodie nerd porn literature!"

July 2017

The Food Poet - Interview

The Reading Lists - Denise Landis/Cook's Cook Reads FEAST OF SORROW

The History Author Show on iHeartRadio - Interview

Barnes & Noble Blog - 8 Fictional Beach Reads for Foodies

"Feast of Sorrow makes for a great summer read, particularly if one’s summer trip is to Rome."

Boston Sunday Morning Review 98.5 Sports Hub - Interview

Cook the Books Club: Feast of Sorrow chosen for Dec/Jan Book to read

BookBrowse Q&A - Interview

June 2017

Elisabeth Storrs interviews Crystal King

Night Owl Reviews - Review


 "Ancient Rome came alive in this book and I loved every minute of it from visiting the marketplace to imagining the togas. Highly encourage readers to buy this one."

ScoutCambridge - Interview

New England Cable News - Television Interview


Weird History Podcast - Interview

Boston Globe - New England Literary News

DigBoston - Feast of Sorrow In The Flesh

Authorlink - Review

"In Feast of Sorrow, Crystal King brings the dangerous world of Ancient Rome to life with all its pleasures, pitfalls, flavors and fickleness. Sprinkled throughout with genuine recipes from the works of Apicius, this book is a treat for lovers of history – and cooking."

Novel Knight - Review

"King knows how to create a story meant to intrigue and delight." 

Romance Reviews Today - Review

"FEAST OF SORROW is an amazingly detailed, beautifully written tale of Caesar's Rome...Do not miss this excellent novel."

The Readable Feast Awards - Finalist for Culinary Writing


May 2017

Boston Globe - A novelist and a chef team up. The result: an Ancient Roman feast

Boston Magazine - Can't Miss Food Events in June - Scroll to the event: A Taste of Ancient Rome at Benedetto

epicurious - One of These Food Books Could Be the Next Sweetbitter

"It's an upstairs/downstairs drama meets food porn meets historical fiction" and "It’s the perfect book to tuck in your suitcase if you’re planning a trip to Italy this summer, or to inspire you to take your entertaining to the next level."

Book Browse, review

"If this debut work is a taste of what King can serve up, I am hungrily looking forward to the feasts she'll cook up with next."

Blogtalk Radio, Conversations with Cyrus Webb - Radio Interview

Associated Press (this link via ABC Go) - Review: Food is the true main course in ‘Feast of Sorrow’

"If true gastronomy resides at the intersection of food, art and culture, then Crystal King’s debut novel can only be described as a gastronomical delight."

Historical Novel Society - Interview: New Voices: Marc Graham, Linnea Hartsuyker, Jess Kidd & Crystal King  (membership required)

History Geek in Town - Review

"If you are looking for a dark, brilliant and carefully researched historical novel, look no further than the Feast of Sorrow."

Historical Novel Society - Review

"King shines as a food writer and guarantees that the reader will finish this book with a new knowledge of ancient cooking—and perhaps a persistent craving for roast dormice and flamingo tongue."

April 2017

HuffPost BookFilter - Review

"...a big, fat, juicy read...We think we’ve just discovered the Food Channel’s first miniseries...." 


The Chocolate Lady's Book Reviews - Review

"If this, King's debut work, is an appetizer of King's talent, we should all hungrily await the courses she has on her forthcoming menus."

Unabridged Chick - Review  

"Everything about this book captivated me...
This was just a fabulous read -- a top ten for 2017." 

The Irregular Reader - Review

"King has a wonderful (and rare) talent for blending the historical and fictional aspects of the book together, providing needed background without sacrificing pace."

Paperback Radio - Interview 

What Cathy Read Next - Review

"Political rivalries and the jockeying for position, power and influence are played out through the medium of food at elaborate banquets featuring the choicest and most expensive ingredients. It’s a game of gastronomic one-upmanship but one with dangerous consequences."

17 Scribes - Interview

Megahan Masterson's blog - Interview

Reviewed by Mom - Review

"Truly remarkable. In addition to the outstanding setting she creates, King has woven a fantastic story of a phenomenal cast of characters who provide lots of drama over the span of the book."

The Gilmore Guide to Books - Review

"...a banquet of dishy reading that satisfies."

Boston Herald Radio - Status Report (Interview)

BookBub - 10 Great Historical Fiction Books Coming This April

March 2017

RT Book Reviews says "The Food Network meets HBO’s Rome in this exciting debut where King stirs up a tale of the first cookbook author, whose ambition led to his destruction. In this page-turning debut, King illuminates the past with vivid descriptions and colorful accounts of everyday Roman life, intrigue, politics and food. Truly a feast for readers, since every aspect of the characters and the background is viewed through food, the essence that pushes the plot forward. You don’t need to be a foodie to savor this tale of drama and betrayal."

February 2017

Kirkus Reviews calls Feast of Sorrow "addictively readable" and "the food lore is fascinating and the time period is inherently dramatic," and "aficionados of all things SPQR will eat this up."

January 2017

BookRiot - 100 Must Read Books: Food in Fiction

Booklist Feast of Sorrow Review Access here, subscription required to view. 

"Set against the political backdrop of Augustus and Tiberius Caesar’s reigns, the novel combines exotic menus with the melodrama of a Greek tragedy. King’s debut is a compelling historical drama with an appetizing center."

That's Normal - Unf! Amy Reads Harder in 2017

Library Journal Starred Review of Feast of Sorrow - Print Only 

library journal



February 2019

LA Review of Books - Longing for Italy, La Bella Paese: A Conversation Between Crystal King and Stephanie Storey

Literary Hub - Why We Hunger for Novels About Food: Eleven Writers of 'Food Fiction' Weigh In

Frolic Media - Top 10 Aphrodisiacs in Renaissance Italy

Off the Shelf - The Lure of the Infamous Borgias

Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots - The Chef’s Secret and The Life of Bartolomeo Scappi, Renaissance Celebrity Chef

January 2019

Career Authors - Instagram 101 for Authors

December 2018

Frolic - And Unto Us, Christmas Tradition Was Born (Thanks Ancient Rome!)

Grub Street Blog -  Thinking About Social Media in 2019

November 2018

Grub Street Blog -  Ten Holiday Gifts for the Writer In Your Life

October 2018

Grub Street Blog -  Writers Can Stay Organized and Motivated with these Online Tools

September 2018

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August 2018

Grub Street Blog -  Five Things Socially Savvy Authors Should Do Every Day

July 2018

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June 2018

Grub Street Blog - Best Social Media Book Sites for Authors and Readers

April 2018

Grub Street Blog - The Power of One to One Engagement

March 2018

Grub Street Blog - Think In Terms of Guidelines, Not Rules

February 2018

Grub Street Blog - Facebook's Recent Changes -- What it Means for Authors

January 2018

Grub Street Blog - How Authors Can Rock 2018 Using Social Media For Book Marketing

December 2017

Grub Street Blog - Gifts for the Socially Savvy Author 

November 2017

Eaten Magazine - Let Them Eat (Honey) Cake

October 2017

Grub Street Blog - DIY Social Media and Blog Content for Authors

September 2017

Grub Street Blog - Understanding Social Media Motivation to Sell More Books

The Cook's Cook - Flamingo Tongues and Frittatas, The Foods of Ancient Rome

August 2017

Grub Street Blog - How Authors Can Rock Instagram

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Debutante Ball - Wow, What a Whirlwind Year!

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The Page 69 Test - Feast of Sorrow

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July 2017

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June 2017

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May 2017

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Off The Shelf - 11 Food Novels That Will Leave You Hungry

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April 2017

Grub Writes - I'm a Published Author!

Dead Darlings -Publishing and Marketing a Book In the Time of Trump

LitHub - Historical Fiction is More Important Than Ever - 10 Writers Weigh In  

Debutante Ball - How Did I Get Here? My God!…What Have I Done?!

Debutante Ball - How Testing (and Tasting!) Recipes Shaped My Novel

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Off The Shelf - A Delicious Classic That Still Satisfies After 63 Years - The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher

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March 2017

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Debutante Ball - I Liked My Life (And Still Do)

February 2017

Grub Writes - The Biggest Surprises About the Traditional Publishing Process

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January 2017

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December 2016

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We Heart Writing - The Class of 2017

Women Writers, Women['s] Books - Walk a Mile In Your Characters' Shoes

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November 2016

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October 2016

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September 2016

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August 2016

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