“A sinister romance and hypnotic Gothic fairytale—surreal and luscious with a fascinating twist on the story of Hades and Persephone.” —Jennifer Saint, bestselling author of Ariadne

Jennifer Saint Jennifer Saint

“In the Garden of Monsters, gods of the underworld come out to play with modern people in a garden of grotesques. An intriguing, creative, and suspenseful romp.”  - Margaret George, New York Times Bestselling Author of Elizabeth I, Helen of Troy & The Memoirs of Cleopatra

margaret george Margaret George

"King delivers an entrancing, moody, and truly original work in this Gothic Persephone and Hades retelling. Insert the wild imaginings of Dali and Gala, with a dash of suspense, and IN THE GARDEN OF MONSTERS will captivate readers to its poignant end!" - Heather Webb, USA TODAY bestselling author of Queens of London

Heather Webb 2 Heather Webb

"In the Garden of Monsters is a gorgeous and atmospheric dreamscape of a novel, one that drew me in and took me places both surreal and earthly. Crystal King is a magician, and this novel a delicious spell." - Danielle Trussoni, New York Times bestselling author of Angelology and The Puzzle Master

danielle trussoni Danielle Trussoni

"Breaking new ground in the gothic canon, Crystal King's IN THE GARDEN OF MONSTERS beguiled me from the very first page. This eerie, sensual, and inventive reimagining of the Persephone myth is a lush fairy tale painted in shadows on a moonlit night. I adored it!" —Kris Waldherr, author of Unnatural Creatures: A Novel of the Frankenstein Women and The Lost History of Dreams

kris waldherr Kris Waldherr

Crystal King's IN THE GARDEN OF MONSTERS is a brilliant and original reimagining of an ancient story. In King's deft hands, the myth of Hades and Persephone becomes a sumptuously Gothic page-turner, at once as eerie as the Underworld and as surreal as a Dalí painting. One taste, and readers won't be able to leave this story until they have turned the final page. - Molly Greeley, author of MARVELOUS

Molly Greeley Molly Greeley

In the Garden of Monsters is a glorious work of Gothic fiction, set in Italy’s real and strange Sacro Bosco. Underpinned by Crystal King’s signature passion for food writing and impeccable research, this novel will pull you in and not let go, just as the titular garden does to the characters. I devoured it as swiftly as a handful of pomegranate seeds. -Alyssa Palombo, author of The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel and The Borgia Confessions

Alyssa Alyssa Palombo

"What a tour de force—​IN THE GARDEN OF MONSTERS is ​original, propulsive, and absolutely riveting. A totally immersive and cinematic tale, this is a luscious and sensual story about passion and power and food and art with Salvador Dali wrapped in classical mythology . It’s gothic, and it’s gorgeous, and completely transporting. Do not miss this!" - Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today bestselling author

Hank Phillipi Ryan Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Feast of Sorrow is an upstairs/downstairs drama meets food porn meets historical fiction."

epicurious-social-logo Epicurious

"If true gastronomy resides at the intersection of food, art and culture, then Crystal King's debut novel can only be described as a gastronomical delight . . . .Every page oozes with remarkable insights . . . satisfying, but readers are left hungry for more."

AP Associated Press

"Sometimes you just want a big, fat, juicy read and Crystal King’s debut novel fits the bill. . . . Romance, power, politics and mouth-watering meals described in detail. . . . We think we’ve just discovered the Food Channel’s first miniseries."  

huffington-post-icon Huffington Post

"King’s characters are drawn as lovingly, as sensually as the food and the Vatican world she describes, and the plot itself — part secret-code mystery, part love story — moves like a well-paced meal." 

bglobe Boston Globe

"King’s descriptions of the food and entertainment are exquisite, her characters are beautifully drawn, and events and people of the times are deftly woven throughout . . . A delight to the senses, King’s debut novel is to be savored and devoured."  

library journal Library Journal

“With adventure, engaging characters, and an absorbing mystery, King expertly blends fact with fiction, intrigue, and a powerful love story. Well written and perfectly paced, The Chef's Secret is a fascinating immersion into sixteenth-century Italian life, an introduction to the world's first celebrity chef, and a reminder of the power of food to influence a civilization.” 

booklist logo Booklist

“The Chef's Secret is a classic historical drama, full of intrigue, star-crossed love, family turmoil, shocking revelations and twists of fate. What sets it apart from other fiction of that sort is the cuisine, which once again is practically a minor character.”

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